Metal Saw

Power Hacksaw

Currently, there are several metal saws on the market. For a number of us, saws are the most common of cutting tools we may have at our garage or tool stores.  A metal saw is a saw that is designed to cut different types of metals. The main purpose of all metal saw is to cut through certain types of metals for building; Most of them are used in the construction industry. Metals come in different shapes, sizes and density or thickness. Therefore, cutting them requires that you have a certain level of knowledge and skill set. Attempting to cut any metal without knowing this could lead to serious consequences.

Similarly, there are specific metal saws that can cut only certain metals. So if you have a particular metal that needs to be cut, you can rent a metal saw for home use. The power hacksaw can also be use to cut metal. Metal saws serve better because they are more portable than the power hacksaw.

There are four very popular saws that top the list of metal saws.

The first is the hacksaw. The hacksaw is basically a metal arch with a grip handle. There are different types of hacksaws. From handheld to power hacksaws. At the base of the arch is where the blade fits in. The blade is slid into two pin-like protrusions that create tension on the blade when a screw on the end of one arch it turned. This is a type of metal saw that is used to cut into metal piping and electrical piping when electrical cords are pulled through. Its design allows it to be used to cut metal plumbing pipes. The power hacksaw is still under the hacksaw family, but used for larger tasks. Similarly, it is used to cut threaded metal rods.  This type of rod is used to for suspending plumbing piping from concrete ceilings.

The second is the metal chop saw. This metal saw has a round/circular blade and is used to cut solid pipes. There are three blade saws that are used with the chop saw. The blade sizes vary from one to another in terms of measurement. There is the 10 inch blade, the 12 inch blade and the last one being the 14 inch size blade.  If you choose to use the largest blade, you will be able to cut larger sized pipes.

The band saw is another type of metal saw that is use to cut metal I beams. The I-beam is a metal beam that is in the shape of a capital I and is used to support metal framed buildings.  The band saw is also used to cut large metal piping in water treatment plants. The pipes are also used for electrical power plates. The “electrical power plate” is the way the band saw cuts the pipe.

Lastly, there is the have the aluminum chop saw. As per the name of the saw, this metal saw is used to cut aluminum. Its main function is that it is used to cut aluminum railings to build screen rooms. It is also used to cut gutters. These gutters are used for construction of outside eaves of homes. It is mostly used by professionals for construction and building work. Always remember that as you do research before using a metal saw, learn as much as you can about the saw. From the price, to the uses to maintenance tips of the metal saw. If possible, consult a professional.